Monday, May 21, 2007

Zabriskie Watching

A bit chilly and with a strong wind, Annie and I rode our daily 13 miles. If it weren't so beautiful it would be boring. The goslings who we've watched for the last couple of weeks are getting bigger and bigger, and their parents are as ornery as ever, protecting them as we pass by. We rode the loop "backwards" today, that is, from the West River Drive side over the bridge and returning along Kelly Drive. It cuts our having to look into the sun by a little. But it also varies the scenery and the experience interestingly.

Despite the pace of my schedule this time of the year, I'm trying to keep one eye on the Giro. I was interested to read this piece in Velo News today (click it from the side bar list of favorites) about Dave Zabriskie, to wit:

"For the first time of his career, Dave Zabriskie is making a serious stab at the overall classification of a grand tour."

It will be fun to watch how this American is faring after the next difficult climbing stage.

Though I have to work later tomorrow night, I am going to try to attend my first meeting of the Philadelphia Bicycling Committee, a committee of the Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia. The coalition hosts smaller committees focusing on advocacy issues in particular localities in the five county area. I hope I can make it and get involved.

I will try to report, but because of another two-day Jewish holiday I will not be back on the blog until Friday.

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