Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Quick Thursday Ride And A Quicker Blog

Busy day. Only time for a quick report. I left the house a bit late this morning, almost 6 AM with the sun already shining and temperature in the mid-fifties. Had a lovely quick loop ride. Not sure what I did, but according to my trip odometer the loop covered 13.3 miles, having covered 13 miles even all these other mornings. Either the device is off a bit for some reason, or I didn't realize some minor change in my route to account for the extra.3 miles. Whatever, I'll take them.

Annie and I are off for Vermont where I have a professional obligation this weekend. The weather predictions are good and we will take our bikes and hope to have some nice riding time both on Friday afternoon and Sunday morning. You may not hear from me again until Sunday night or Monday, but I hope I'll have something more interesting to talk about than my usual routes, and some good pictures, too.

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