Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Back Again

A beautiful morning in Philadelphia. As it was a beautiful weekend in Berkeley where I neither took a bike with me nor rented a bike and now I'm pretty sorry about that. It was beautiful biking weather and a much more bike-friendly looking place than I usually ride in. But it wasn't logistically workable and that's that. Now I'm home and rode the Trek today which was an incredibly nice change of pace and will go pick up the Fuji from the shop this afternoon. We rode our loop and then went directly to the polls for today's Philadelphia Mayoral primary. Too bad the Bicycling Coalition folks didn't think to make a bigger deal of a "ride your bike to vote" campaign, especially as this election falls directly within Bicycle month and a host of other cycling events this week.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to follow the Giro d"Italia happily on the one hand, and the Landis drug hearing et. al. on the other. What a roller coaster! I listened to a bit of the streaming video this morning of yesterday's hearing. Pretty dry stuff to sit through. The whole thing continues to break my heart. I want to believe Floyd; I am in total agreement that the WADA procedures are unfair and arbitrary. But I also would like to see a creditable crack down such that drugs would be removed from the sport.

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