Thursday, May 10, 2007

While I'm Away

In my continuing perusal (via ears rather than eyes) of the available world of bicycle podcasting I think I've mentioned The Bicycle Show from Renaissance Radio in London. If I haven't I should have. Now that I'm almost caught up on all the Fredcasts, Bikescapes, The Spokesmen and KBOO Bike News among a half dozen others, I recently discovered The Bicycle Show and find it right up there as the best or one of the three best. The variety of subjects is one important reason and in a show I listened to recently, (though not a recent show) I heard about Rouler Cycling Journal and was intrigued. After tracking it down from the show notes I was convinced that it was of a quality that I couldn't resist and have ordered all the back issues as well as a subscription. you should really look at this. Ernesto Colnago is pictured in a photo by Ben Ingham.Good reading while I'm away.

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