Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Two P.S.'s to today's blog entry. First, Ivan Basso at a press conference today attempted to clarify the report that he'd been involved in the operation Puerto affair. He claims to have attempted to dope, but never actually did. He says, therefore, that all of his wins were achieved cleanly and that he is prepared to pay his penalty and come back to racing. In his words:"I have never taken banned substances and I have never employed blood doping. I did admit having attempted to use doping for the (2006) Tour de France and I am ready to pay the penalty for that," Basso said. "All my wins have been achieved in a proper and clean manner and I have every intention of returning to action and continuing with the job I love once I have paid the penalty." Hopefully this statement will be corroborated in court and we can mover on.

The second P.S. has to do with today's riding. I did, indeed, take my bike with me and commuted between three different meetings around town. Glorious weather for cycling and I am coming to love riding in city traffic: dodging around buses, watching for parked cars and driveways...the whole nine yards. I really was having fun. And I brought my total for the day to 18.5 miles!

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