Friday, May 18, 2007

A Cold May Ride

Exhausted after my travels this week, I none-the-less pulled myself out of bed this morning and rode, with Annie, 13 miles. It felt great despite the fact that it was colder than I'd planned for and I could have dressed a bit warmer! Who needs this cold damp weather in May?

P.S. Annie can't ride the FX 5. It killed her knee, so she is back on the Navigator and we are back tot he drawing board. She'll probably re-claim the Fuji and go with it. We'll see.

Meanwhile, I think that it is instructive to see how other cities are trying to encourage cycling. The city of London is in the forefront, having increased the number of people and the number of trips by bike exponentially over the last few years. Certainly the entry tax, the fee to bring a motor vehicle into London helps; so do campaigns like the one the Lord Mayor of London recently announced which is exemplified by this video spot: view here I hear that London still has a way to go, but you can't say they're not trying.

Because of my work obligations I missed The Ride of Silence on Wednesday night. I had really hoped to be able to participate. Unfortunately, it poured. But 50-60 folks still rode and here is a video of part of it.

We're off for a Congregational Retreat weekend. May not get to ride or post until Monday.

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