Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Back On The Fuji...One Less Car

Picked up the Fuji from Bustleton Bikes yesterday. Also picked up a new bike for Annie. she was really not happy with the Fuji geometry, no matter what Pete and Mike did to swap out elements in order to make her more comfortable. Her knee was killing her. So she finally tried a Trek 7.5 FX WSD (that means women's specific) and she loves it. Eureka! They took back the Fuji and we paid the difference for the Trek. That's it in the above photo.She is off to NJ today and won't ride. Tonight I head for NY for an overnight in order to attend ceremonies tomorrow for the ordination of new Rabbis so she'll take her maiden ride alone; I'll miss yet another day! But today is my day to ride, though not as much as I would've liked. My schedule won't allow a very extended ride. I could only get in 26.3 miles. But, meanwhile, back to the Fuji. When I got it home I decked it out in newly acquired stickers. This first one, for those of you who can't see it, says: "One Less Car" on the top bar, and "Bicycling Is Not A Crime" and "Cars Kill" on the bottom bar.

Picture number three shows the rest of the top bar with the "Fredcast" sticker.

Picture number four shows the other side of the top bar with a sticker that "prescribes" one ride daily to relieve depression.

A little bit crazy, but what the hell.

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