Wednesday, May 09, 2007

To Life!

The season is awash in new life, as evidenced by this shot of a family of geese with goslings. Cutest little group, and the parents let me know in loud tones just what they thought of my stopping so close by. the picture was taken in the course of this morning's 26 mile ride. I had enough time for a longer ride than usual, but not enough for a real Wednesday day of riding.

So I rode into Manayunk where I stopped at Starbuck's to pick up some coffee to take home and snapped a picture both of Starbuck''s and of the mural across the street, along the canal towpath. I did not ride on the towpath but on the streets which I have come to love, though traffic was very heavy and a little crazy today. But I had a good ride and then stopped for a haircut and home to spend the day with my daughter and granddaughter.

As the latest news continues to unfold regarding doping in the pro pelaton and if you are as tired of the whole cycling drug thing as I am you might find this little essay by a self-confessed fanatical fan with a great idea that won't ever be accepted regarding how to get beyond this sorry moment.It is called "It's time for cycling to enter rehab."read it here

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