Monday, May 12, 2008

Another Forced Hiatus

The monsoon like weather today kept me off my bike. It's just been puring all day and worse than that it is still in the low 40's. I just can't deal with getting on all my winter gear again in May.

Tomorrow I need to take Annie to the airport again for an early flight and will not be home in time to take my morning ride. Those big mileage numbers earlier in the month are fading. I will take the bike for city use tomorrow as I have a few meetings and the weather is supposed to clear, but i won't get in a good ride until Wednesday.

Meanwhile, on the cycling scene, today's NY Times ran a column soliciting questions for their bicycle coordinator Joshua Benson. Reading the comments and questions gives a good insight into the state of cycling in the Big Apple Ask About Cycling in New York.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So, someone else is getting crappy weather. It's been overcast and below normal temperatures here in Seattle as long as I can remember. Friday -- which is bike to work day -- we're talking sunny and 80 degrees! That's warm, even for summer.

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