Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Ride Of Silence

Last night was a great experience. Over two Hundred cyclists riding silently through the heart of Philadelphia. So many that on some of the narrower streets we actually had a bottleneck! I didn't get any good photos while riding, though I think Denine did and if you check The Bicycling Chief I'm sure they're either up or soon will be.
but the shot above is at the ceremony that began the event and the shot below shows a bit of the gathered crowd.

The last shot is Denine just before we set out.

My only "complaint" is that the purpose of the ride was not adequately displayed. There was a trailer at the front with a ghost bike and an explanatory sign. But for passers-by who missed the beginning it looked like a critical mass, if they knew what that was, or even a race or some other "fun" event. Somehow, either by clothing, more signage, etc, it would have been nice for people to know what we were up to, rather than cheering us on.

Finally, check out this video of the ride just posted on the Philadelphia Bike Blog:

As for this morning I'm not complaining, though I'm sorely tempted to. Cloudy, cool, damp and windy, but I rode a nice ride and felt good.

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