Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Valley Forge...Again

Yes, what was once a real adventure is beginning to be routine, and a tad boring. I tried to think of another route that would give me a good long ride today without necessitating being out in heavy traffic, but I couldn't. So I took off, again a little later than I would have liked, and enjoyed my ride out to Valley Forge. In fact, as I returned to town, I didn't feel like stopping so I did a "victory loop" and thereby brought my mileage up over 56 miles. Passed Jake on the loop and met up with him again riding down Pine Street to our respective homes.

Below is a sign of some of the damage done in yesterday's Nor'easter. This was on the trail along the West River Drive.

The weather was beautiful when I left this morning, but was pretty overcast when I returned. The predictions are for more rain (ugh!) throughout the week-end. We'll have to see how much riding I can get in.

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