Monday, May 26, 2008

Chocoate and Vanilla

Yes, that's Alberto Contador struggling up the incredibly difficult climbing time-trail yesterday. He came in second and extended his hold on the Pink leader's jersey for now. It is still any body's race among a group of leaders and after today's rest day it promises to be an exciting week.

What does that have to do with chocolate and vanilla? Well, nothing, but that's what popped into my mind today when Annie and I went up to Trophy bikes. Me to get the Brompton tightened up after its first few rides and she to look at what was available. She rode the Brompton a couple of times and the Bike Friday Tikit a couple of times and decided on the latter. I'd done the same thing and decided on the former. Chocolate and Vanilla! So now we are set to travel and you'll probably not hear too much about this until after we return from Los Angeles in July. Although, I must admit, I'm really enjoying riding the Brompton around town. So that may be something I'll be talking more about in the coming days. But definitely enjoy taking the Fuji out for my morning run. Solo this morning because it was raining lightly and Annie stayed in. But it was a different kind of rain, a summer rain, and that didn't bother me at all.

Since I'm still tooling about on the Brompton today I'll give the cumulative daily mileage in the sidebar later tonight.


Anonymous said...

Senor Ludwig, fun blog. Hope your riding is going well. As I read "Chocolate & Vanilla", I realize your problem with the mileage may be in the tire size. The small difference in wheel size between the 'Brompton Bomber, and the Funtastic Fuji, might be causing the variation. Thus longer rides will show larger gaps. Just a guess. You might be able to fix it by sliding the sensor in ( closer to the hub), or out (farther from the hub.) Try it and happy trails.
-Best Evol

Ira F. Stone said...

Thanks Evol!

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