Wednesday, May 28, 2008

You Think Two Bikes Is Alot

Well what can you say about this shot, taken from the blog How To Avoid the Bummer Life, sponsered by Swobo bikes. this is the collection of one Stevil Kineil, described one by one in the posting. Something to aspire to! :)

Today was as perfect a riding day as they come. I was up early for a change, mostly becausse I really wasn't feeling all that well. I have "pink-eye" or all things and I wake up during the night with my eyes clamped shut. Anyway, I was up and got out before 9 AM not having decided exactly how far or where I would ride. but I just took it really easy and found myself riding through Manayunk, up Umbria back down to the SRT and all the way to Perkiomen Park where I stopped for lunch. I felt stronger and better with each mile and after lunch made the return trip about 25 % faster. Just a gorgeous day, a gift.

I've been meaning to get a picture of this for a few weeks, and this is not the best, but it is a woodedn Indian that someone has in their yard not far from Valley forge. What is interesting about it is that I watched it being carved right there in its spot. Each week the carver worked on it until it is now the finished product sitting in the yard. It was neat to watch and I'd meant to get photos all along, but never wanted to stop especially so close to VF. Today I did.

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