Sunday, May 25, 2008

Brompton Work-Out

Gorgeous weather finally! Memorial Day week-end, often a wash out here in Philadelphia, has been and is predicted to continue perfectly. Annie and I were up early to take advantage of the weather, the Drive closure with no events scheduled on either Drive, and to get in a good ride before heading up the Turnpike to see the granddaughter. A little hesitantly I decided to take the Brompton. We rode over 22 miles at a fairly good clip by our standards, 12-14 mph average and I neither worked any harder than with my Fuji nor had any trouble staying with Annie or leading her up the hills. The ride was exceedingly comfortable, too. The bike needs a few minor tweaks, which is to be expected; a little trouble shifting to the smaller gears on the right hand. The two gears in the read internal hub worked great. I also had to stop once to readjust the saddle, also expected, until I fight just the right height. folded and unfolded in seconds without a problem. I'm very pleased. The search for a hard casse for transport goes on, but should be solved this week. We threw the bike into the trunk and took it with us to New Jersey where my son-in-law got to take a spin and, more importantly, Annie rode it for the first time. She too enjoyed it, but hasn't decided whether we'll pursue getting one for her at this time. A new bike might have to be ordered and we're up against the deadline of our next trip to L.A. at the end of June. so she may just borrow one of the L.A. kids' bikes this trip and we'll look into getting her a folder later on.

Another note on the ride of silence the other day. I've had this picture for awhile but don't remember sharing it. It is a ghost bike, from NY I believe, placed at the spot where a cyclist was killed. Stay alert!

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