Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My Lunch Spot

What a perfect day to ride. I do have so many other things to do that it was tempting to either skip it or take a short ride, but the day was just too perfect. Of course, if I could have gotten out earlier i might have been able to do more things after my ride, and I really thought about that too, but if I don't get some sleep on Wednesday morning and take it a little slower getting started, I really suffer for it the rest of the week. So I hit the road around 10:15 and rode about 4 blocks when I noticed that my rear break was not working. I got off and saw that the break pad mechanism was loose, completely unscrewed. I have an allen wrench in my pack, but since I was exactly on the corner where Bicycle Therapy is, I stopped in and they fixed it up instead of my having to search for the wrench etc. They also informed me that I will need new break pads pretty soon, but since it was not an immediate safety issue I decided to get going.

Rode out to Lower Perkiomen State Park again and stopped for lunch at the beautiful spot pictured above. Then rode home stopping for a quick rest somewhere between Conshohocken and Manayunk and again for a bottle of water on Kelly Drive.

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