Monday, May 05, 2008

A Commuting Day

I picked Annie up at the airport at 5:20 this morning. We were home in time to go for our morning ride together. Pretty impressive for her after a red-eye flight. After taking the car to teach my morning class I returned home for lunch and decided to use the bike to get to two meetings today. One was in Germantown, which is about ten miles from center city Philadelphia where we live. It was a great ride, with some good hills that I need to be working on. Despite riding everyday on pretty flat terrain, my "hill legs" are a bit rusty. I made the trip in an hour an five minutes (not counting a work related phone call that I stopped to take and another phone call to Mindy (thanks, Mindy) to get good directions to my destination. After the meeting I went back toward home but turned off in Manayunk for another meeting. It is basically on the way home, but added a couple of miles to the total of 36.3 for the day. And no gas wasted on the effort!


Anonymous said...

This is inspiring. Motivates me to want to get serious about biking again.

Unknown said...

glad you thought to call for directions. Have you thought to calculate how mush $$ you are saving on gas when you bike for work?


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