Friday, May 30, 2008

Folders, Computers and One MIllion Bikes

Annie and I took our maiden joint ride on our morning loop using the folders. It was great. She is particularly ecstatic about her Bike Friday Tikit. She loved the handling and really probably rode more comfortably than with her Fuji, while I thoroughly enjoyed the Brompton. My only little problem is with the bike computer. It seems that each time I switch to a new one the inexactitude of the settings gives me a different reading for my total mileage. So this morning's ride came in at 12.4 miles, despite the fact that we actually rode a bit extra due to the garbage train blocking the trail access. On my Fuji computer that would normally clock over 14 miles. Well, my policy has always been to go with whatever reading I get, but just so you know that will impact meeting my goals. Anyway, I have the Brompton at work and will work in some extra miles before I'm done.

Meanwhile I wanted to bring this exciting new venture to your attention.

On August 9th 2009!
The cycling equivalent of Woodstock is coming... one day, 50 states, 300 events, and you're invited!
Millions of us will ride and rally for positive change in communities across the nation and give away one million new and used bicycles. (read more)

On August 9th 2009 you'll help double transportation funding for bikes, reduce congestion, dependency on foreign oil, waistlines, carbon footprints, global warming, and health care costs.

What we need is your presence, a $5 registration fee, pledge of a new or used bicycle or recruitment of a new or returning rider with bicycle.
Register Now!

This from their website: is a direct response to Senator Earl B's Bike Gallery event calling for the public to foster a national bicycle
movement. The project is the brainchild of Joe Metal Cowboy Kurmaskie, best-selling author, nationally syndicated columnist,
journalist for Bicycling Magazine, Men's Journal, Outside, Parenting, headlining performer, cycling safety advocate and activist. the
roots of this idea came out of The November 2007 rally held in Portland Oregon after a rash of cycling deaths. That rally helped
change the way the police investigate car/cycling accidents and helped shape the tone and conversations in the cycling vs driving
Check it out at: One Million Bikes

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