Sunday, May 04, 2008

Big News: Astana Invited To The Giro

According to a report this morning in Italian newspapers the cycling team Astana has been invited to the Giro d'Italia! This is a major reversal on the part of the race organizers. Does it presage a similar reversal on the part of ASO to allow Astana back into the Tour De France? We can only hope. Maybe this picture of Levi on the podium will be prophetic of the future, rather than a reminder of the past.

Meanwhile, despite dire predictions of rain all through the weekend, it was dry and overcast this morning. I awoke at normal weekday time in order to get two loops in and take advantage of the West River Drive closure and did so. That makes 22 miles, but I may get to do some errands later so I'll add the mileage tonight. Granted, it was still a bit chilly for May, around 54 degrees, but I guess within a few weeks I will be looking back wistfully to all this cool weather.

I would rather have been spending today in New York where friend Denine, The Bicycle Chef is riding in the Five Borough Tour. My work schedule just didn't allow it. With what looks like unexpectedly good weather, I know she must be having a ball.

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