Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year II

Well I waited out the weather...sort of. The heavy rain had stopped and only a persistent mist and occasional drizzle met me on the road. No matter. With the temperature at 56 degrees on January 1st, I wasn't about to be deterred.I did probably dress a bit too warmly though, its tough to convince yourself to go out without some winter gear on in January. I don't know whether this photo shows the mist well enough, but it certainly communicates the general dreariness of the day. Annie begged off, but I only made one loop anyway. Between the weather and the lack of sleep I didn't have my good legs going this morning. I definitely enjoyed the ride, however. It also gave me the opportunity to use my XKS Rear Dirtboard - or fender for the rest of us. I have tried to use it before but, being short of stature doesn't leave alot of seat post to attach it to. But I removed my rear kit bag and was able to attach it securely enough. It worked well, but I'm still considering looking into getting a permanent fender put on.Before I went out, with time on my hands, I worked on two new poems. Here's one inspired by our visit to the Amarna exhibit at the Museum yesterday for those of you so inclined:


Slant of winter sun at the mid-day gate
open to the still vibration of power and enmity
the enmity of god’s competing – of decreeing
who is god and who isn’t – publishing the winner
in massive stone only to be covered in sand by
subsequent decrees – it is like that for Pharaoh –
derived from the word for palace the seat of power
in the end always personified and therefore always
not only fleeting but even undiscovered


We usually get around the path before the geese awaken in the morning. And I've noticed that once they wake they work their way up the bank eating as they go. The later you ride the farther up the bank they've reached. Today I rode so late that they had crossed the road. In fact, coming through one of the overpasses I must have startled them and a mini-flock descended right on me, nearly flying into me, but just missing. These two were taking their own sweet time getting back. It reminded me of the famous children's story.


The Squeaky Cyclist said...

Ran across mention of your blog on The Cycling Dude blog. Very nice!

I hope people don't confuse your blog with mine, however...

Ira F. Stone said...

Hey Squeaky, just checked out your blog. I love it. Actually quite similar sensibilities. I'm sorry for choosing such a similar name, but if anyone comes to me looking for you I'll be sure to send them along.

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