Monday, January 15, 2007

Uniting the bikeblogosphere

The warmth lingers on. Annie and I did our 12.4 loop in 50 degree weather, though the weather folks say a change is coming.

Quite a few of the blogs I frequent have been talking about he following (as expressed by Cyclingdude:)
Tim Jackson, The Masi Guy, has been blogging since March 2005.

The other day he was inspired to find a way to spread the word about other BikeBloggers.

Our community is all about bicycles, so I am calling this the B-List... for hopefully obvious reasons.

Here's how it works;
I post my list of bike blogs that I like and read and then you cut and paste the list onto your blog and add the sites that you like and read. Then anybody who reads the list does the same and a great viral meme is born, creating lots of exposure to the blogs on the lists and giving people a new set of blogs to read that they might not have known anything about. It's a great way to build and foster community among our peer group of cycling bloggers... and it's also a lot of fun and brings people together for a big virtual hug.
In an effort to hold up my end of building the biking fellowship I am going to try and follow these directions, though my technical skills are going to be sorely tested.
First the easy part: here's my list:
  • Cyclingdude

  • Alan Snel's Bike Stories

  • Commute By Bike

  • Biking Bis

  • Bicycle Diaries

  • rideTHISbike
  • CityCycling
    Well, that does it for my favorites. Trying to get everyone else's seems impossible at the moment, so check out CyclingDude or the original Masi post.
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