Sunday, January 21, 2007

What A Difference A Week Makes

Last Sunday I set out in 50 degree weather on an overcast day. This morning I got back on the bike after missing an unusual two days (See: A Lost Day and then the Sabbath.)I had hoped to get out early and do two loops before having to attend a long planning workshop at work, but I'm still not quite myself and dragged my feet a bit getting up. Knowing it was 16 degrees didn't add much incentive. But up I did get and out I did go. I realized that even had I gone earlier I doubt I could have done more than the 13.6 miles I did. Not because I was cold. Properly dressed I could feel no appreciable difference between riding in 30 degree temperatures and 16 degree temperatures. But it is clear to me that the colder the temperature, even when I don't feel it, the slower my muscles work. There were some decent wind gusts to slow me down, but the bottom line is that I just don't make the same time when its cold. And the effort is greater such that even were time not a factor, a second loop would have been a push. Be all that as it may, I did my ride and felt better for it. The weather is going to be day to day from now on, as temperature doesn't scare me but precipitation and temperature together does.

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