Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I Am A Commuter II -Goodbye to Citizen?

I had an opportunity this afternoon to commute around town again. I had to meet someone for a lunch appointment on the East side of Center City about a mile from the office. I decided to take my bike to work with me again...not the Citizen but the Trek. Riding the Trek in town was hands down easier. I could ride it faster and therefore, in my opinion, more safely in traffic. Yes, I did have to lock it up outside, but since I could see it from the table I was sitting at I wasn't anxious. And certainly folding a bike and bringing it into the small restaurant would not have been easy, and may not have been permitted. So, sadly, while the-using-the-bike-more-around-town experiment is going well, the prospect for keeping the citizen is getting harder to justify. No question that taking it on an airplane and having it at my destination still seems very plausible, so what I may do is return one and keep one and Annie and I will take it with us when we each go to separate destinations, which we do often. On the other hand, we will be going to the same destination more than once during the year too. So what to do? Haven't decided yet.


Cronkled said...

I am sure that the more you ride the Citizen, the more you will find use for it. Each bike has its own reason for existence, which is why I own 15 of them. Sometimes I want to go fast, other times I want to ride on the dirt. What we need to do is put you on a road bike so you can turn your 50 miles into 75 in the same amount of time.

Ira F. Stone said...

No question ALX, which is the reason I've decided to keep one of the Citizens. But we really don't need two, I don't think, (Although a final decision hasn't been made; Annie and I will discuss it later today, so stay tuned and thanks for leaving a comment.

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