Friday, January 26, 2007

Or Maybe It Is...Minnesota

I rode this morning starting with a temperature of 15 degrees and a wind chill of 1 degree. Take note of the wind chill! Once again I discovered that the temperature is not an issue for me. I dressed just slightly warmer than yesterday and felt fine. Nor does the wind significantly impact the question of temperature comfort. What it does do is make for a slower, tougher ride. The wind was fairly steady at probably 15 miles with gusts to 25 miles. It provides a mixed blessing. First it slows done the ride a bit. Second it discourages me, at least, from venturing above my general minimum ride of one loop.(For those keeping score, today's ride came in at 13.8 miles.) Third the harder peddling warms my muscles more quickly and, finally, fourth, I feel I get a better work-out. The day was otherwise beautiful: clear skies and bright shining sun. What could be better.

So far, no reports from my California riders to share. Hopefully by Sunday I'll have some narrative and photos from them.

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