Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Wonderful Ride and First Word From The West

After a very restful Sabbath I was on the road at 4:40 this morning in 43 degree weather. What a difference 20 degrees makes! I felt really good and had the time to ride 23.4 miles before getting home and ready to go to work. It was just perfect.
Meanwhile, while I'm still waiting for pictures to arrive. I know that Annie and the boys have already been out riding together (and Annie on her own as well,) and aside from their having a great time, the Citizen is performing very well. The ease of transporting it on the plane and its utility in the field seem to be validating our investment, which is a good thing. The boys have joined the San Fernando Valley Bike Club, about which I'm thrilled. Their only complaint is "why didn't we ride like this as a family when they were younger. Mea Culpa.

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