Monday, January 08, 2007

It's Raining...Not Snowing

Hey, all you Kelly Drive drivers, that lone figure riding the trail this morning in the pouring rain was me. It is fifty something degrees in January and I'm not going to let a little rain waste that. It will change soon enough, I'm sure, and soon all of that precipitation will be white, slippery and most likely will send me indoors to try out the trainer I have not yet used. OK, so I wasn't the only meshugginah out there, but it was pretty sparse (didn't see you, Harry.) Roman, the old man who looks to be at least mid-eighties was out there on his daily walk carrying an umbrella, and by the end of my two trips around (23.2 miles total) I did see three or four other cyclists, but as I said...pretty sparse. I did see George, Annie's chiropractor and dedicated cyclist as I came in for the second time. We've learned a lot by asking George questions, relayed through Annie, and it was heartening to see him out this morning. Speaking of Annie's doctors, another one and our friend Matt is a D.O. who is also a bike commuter and apparently another of his patients asked him for some advice about buying a new bike, especially given that she is small of stature. He said, "My Rabbi just bought new bikes, you should talk to him." Immediately, his patient, who, it turns out, had also been one of my students in at least three classes at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, put two and two together and realized he must mean me. They made the connection and Nancy e-mailed me with her questions. We set up a meeting for me to give her a bit of the fruits of my mistakes and successes in the bike buying business. By the way, Annie and I, now armed with our Trek navigators and our Citizen folding bikes, are slowly looking around for more road bike type of a model for more speed and lightness, but we probably will take a good long time until we buy anything else.

As fascinating as my travails on the bike must be, I am sensitive to the fact that a blog should serve as more than merely a diary if it is going to be of interest to anyone. I've tried to add occasional links to things I think are of interest. Next up are a couple of book reviews.

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