Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another 60 Mile Ride

Cool and slightly overcast skies accompanied me on today's "Wednesday Ride." I rode up to the end of the Schuylkill path just past the end of Valley Forge Park. I had intended to go as far as the Perkioman park and rest and turn around. I figured that would give me just about 60 miles. But the Perkioman trail was not immediately accessible from the Schuylkill trail and looks like it won't be for a while; a bridge is out. There was a detour, but having ridden 24 miles at that point I wasn't anxious to find myself on a detour that might take more miles than I wanted and as there was a bench just at the detour point I decided to use it for my half-way stop. It wasn't exactly scenic looking out onto what looked to be highway 467, but I needed the break, ate my energy bars and just got off my feet for 15 minutes. Then I turned around and rode home. When I reached the end of the Schuylkill by the Locust street entrance that we use I had ridden 48 miles and knew I wouldn't get in 50 if I went straight home. So I turned around and did a last regular loop around the path adding enough mileage to not only go over 50 but over 60 again which is good training for our Hazon ride. Must admit I was beat when I go home, and very hungry.

Speaking of rides, Annie and I have registered for another ride, this one in August: The Covered Bridge Metric Century run by the Lancaster Bicycle Club. We're looking forward to it and trying to find some others to ride with us.

Here is a great story compliments of Alan Snell's Bike Stories (link in the sidebar):
YUMA RESIDENT BILL ANDERSON, 81, left Yuma Tuesday on a 2,000-mile trip around Arizona to raise money for the Crossroads Mission. PHOTO BY BENJAMIN HAGER/THE SUN
Read the story here.

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