Monday, June 25, 2007

The Humidity Returns

And along with it some drizzle during the morning. Annie and I managed to beat it as we rode our 13 miles, but since I took the bike to work in order to attend a number of meetings today, I felt a bit of it. Not bad, though. And I was not only able to get back and forth from my meeting more quickly than I would have otherwise (and a good thing too, as I was over-booked with appointments for the day) but also, after straight meetings and appointments from 7:30 AM until 2 PM I decided to just get out and ride a bit to clear my head. I rode back to the U Penn area, which is becoming my favorite hang-out now that I can reach it so easily by bike. I like the University area ambiance, I tend to run into fewer people I know, and there are a wide variety of places to stop and either browse, eat or have coffee. Today I stopped into Starbucks and had a coffee and read the newspaper. It was a good break before going back to work where I will be until 9 PM tonight. The extra riding brought me 18.7 miles for the day.

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