Friday, June 01, 2007

A Good Start To June: A Ride And A Commute

June has gotten off to a fine start. Another beautiful day and Annie and I rode our 13.3 miles this morning. then I took the bike to work, figuring I'd figure out a reason why when I arrived there. (Remember, I only live two blocks from work, so if I commute it is only when I have to go somewhere else from work.)After a busy morning I decided I did have some place to go: trophy bikes, the bike shop on Walnut at 32nd Street. Yesterday I stopped at bike therapy to buy some CO2 cartridges to replace the ones we'd use fixing last week's flat. But Bike Therapy only carries un-threaded cartridges (who knew?) I thought for sure that Trophy bikes would have what I needed so I rode up there, enjoying dodging traffic along Spruce to 22nd and up Walnut. Lo and behold, they to only had un-threaded cartridges in stock (though at least they carry the, apparently very old fashioned, threaded kind.) So I traveled onward up walnut to 38th Street to EMS where I found five packages of threaded cartridges and bought them all to save myself future aggravation. (Not that I wasn't loving going from place to place by bike.) However, as it turned out, their computerized cash register system was down. so I waited around for awhile, determined to wait as long as necessary to not go home empty handed. finally, with the machines still out, they decided they could do cash only sales and luckily I had the cash. they gave me 20% off for waiting around. No complaints.

I took off down Chestnut street heading home and decided to cut down the ramp on the Chestnut street bridge to the bike path and promptly take it once around just for fun. That brought me home feeling warm and satisfied while putting 28 miles on for the first day of the month.

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