Monday, June 04, 2007

A Bit Of A Scare...A Few New Favorites

Not a great day for cycling today, but not bad enough to desist. I rode alone in the mist and occasional drizzle wearing my new rain gear for the first time. Either because of the pretty steady headwind or just a bad legs day, I was moving rather sluggishly - perhaps providentially. As I came around the last part of the loop, in front of the museum, just past the Rocky statue on Kelly drive North of Fairmont there was a head-on auto collision that sent one of the cars skidding across the bike path directly in front of me. I might have been 50 feet away. Obviously had I just been going by I'd have been the only one seriously hurt (neither driver, thank God, was.) I was actually only nervous about the careening debris coming off the cars, fenders and the like, but I had plenty of time to stop, going just around the car onto the grass. I was the first person at the scene and determined that the driver was shaken but ok and called it into 911. I left a few minutes later when police and such had taken over. I should feel more shaken than I do. I continued my ride and finished with the usual 13.3. After some deliberation, given the weather, I've decided not to use the bike this morning to get to my meeting. Too bad.

I have added the first new blogs to my favorites list on the right in awhile. My ramblings around the web have found me enjoying more and more cycling blogs, but I feel these three are really worth following. They are Fat Cyclist; Bobke Strut; and Up In Alaska. Check them out.

PS: I took the bike to my meeting. Loved riding up over the South Street Bridge. One thing I've noticed is how unaware we are generally of the geography we inhabit. Who would have thought that Spruce Street is a hill. Climbing up one side from the East and then down the back to 43rd Street, returning with the climb up from the West and down back across the bridge. Wonderful. Added another 4.8 miles for the month which brings my cumulative for the year over 2000 miles! Halfway to my 4000 mile/year goal and three weeks ahead of schedule.

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