Sunday, June 17, 2007

Home From The Hills

This picture is only a taste of the extraordinary beauty of New Hampshire...and of the hills! Annie and I had only time for a morning ride today before taking off for the 5 hour drive back to New Jersey and Father's Day festivities. I rode the usual 13 or so miles, but Annie had to quit about half-way through. We were negotiating very steep hills with which she has had very little experience thus far. She did [pretty good and I good have done more but we ran out of time. Still, I felt that riding up the hills made the 13 miles mean more than they would have meant here in the city.

Here is a great article on Bike Commuting Check it out.


Da' Square Wheelman, said...

Ludwig, remember when you asked me to tell you if I cam across a St. Christopher bike bell? Well I got a new one and I'll sell you the original if you want.

Contact me at slowmotionrevolution at gmail if you're interested.


Anonymous said...


Wow, you and Annie have gone nuts for cycling. I hope you like the new bike. I hope you had a Yom Abba Sameach. Eric B and I are getting ready for the Philly Tri this upcoming Sunday. We rode twice this weekend. The ride portion of the tri would be pretty easy for you at only 40K. It's the 1500m swim and the 10K run at the end that are the doosies.

Safe riding.

Jeff H.

Ira F. Stone said...

Good luck, Jeff! I'm definitely not into the swim or the run.

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