Friday, June 22, 2007

I Love Riding In The City

That's what it says on the new little sticker I've affixed to the bill of my helmet. And today was another wonderful day for tooling around. After our regular loop this morning I took the bike to work and following a morning of meetings and preparations for the weekend's services, I took off for Presbyterian hospital to visit one of our congregants. That's our on 39th and Market and after a quick stop at the bank I made it up there loving the hills, the wind and dodging the traffic (especially double parked vehicles in the bike lanes!) I headed over to Trophy bikes after that to buy a stronger long system (U Lock and cable) since I'm using the bike so much in town. I visited another congregant at a long term care facility, then rode to lunch and have returned to the office. I have one more stop to make this afternoon and so will add the day's mileage to the totals later today.

Need some inspiration after a hard week's work? Then you must watch this!

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