Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bike Tuesday

It seems that Tuesday's tend to be the day that I have meetings around the city and when the weather cooperates, I can take my bike to work and get around the city. I love it! This morning Annie and I rode our 13 miles and after riding to work I rode to a meeting on the other side of town; next I go across town for another obligation, then off to make a hospital visit and then back to work again. All in all I won't add that much mileage to the monthly chart; it's actually amazing how close all the points around the city that others might take a car or jump in a cab to reach. Still it will probably add up to 5 or six miles before I'm done, assuming I don't decide to take a longer ride before heading home tonight. I'll up date the mileage chart later.

Meanwhile here is a great video about why people ride bikes and bike culture generally. I've been saving it for a slow news day, so enjoy.

Bike Culture and Critical Mass - Daryl Hannah Love Life

a great video

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