Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Route, No Camera, Over the 500 Mile Mark

Once again my rechargeable batteries didn't hold their charge long enough for me to get any pictures today. But I had a great ride. It is very warm here today; the real feel temperature is over 100. I took off in 80 degree temps and very high humidity knowing I would not try to ride 60 miles. In fact, I wanted to try a new route just to mix things up. So I headed east instead of west out of the house, down to Delaware Avenue or Christopher Columbus Blvd or whatever they're calling it these days and then headed North hoping to find my way to Pennypack Park in the Northeast and ride around the bike paths in the park. It took a little doing, but worked out fine. I rode Delaware to Richmond Street to Bridge Street to Aramingo to Harbison to Roosevelt Blvd and just past Pennypack circle saw an (unmarked) little path that looked like it might lead into the park, and it did. I loved riding around the park in the cool of the very tree-shaded path and worked my way to an exit on to Frankfort Street, which is probably how I should have approached it from the beginning. Frankfort was much easier to negotiate back than Roosevelt Blvd, but otherwise I followed the rest of the route in reverse. Thirty miles of mostly city riding with an interlude of park trails. More than enough for such a hot day. Sorry I have no pictures.

Today's 31.8 mile ride puts me over the 500 mile mark for a month for the first time! There are 2 more riding days left for me in the month but this is already a good-feeling achievement.

Since I have no pictures perhaps this video will interest you. I describes what might be the ultimate challenge of using a bicycle for utilitarian transportation.

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