Friday, June 08, 2007

My Legs Come Partly Back: But I Have An Excuse

My legs came back this morning and we rode a fast 13 miles feeling great.But I did still have some trouble keeping up to Annie's pace. Then, on the way back down the West Side Drive, I realized I had either a slow leak or just had lost too much air in my rear tire. I was able to ride on it, but I slowed down appreciably. I pumped it up at home and will take it out this afternoon to see if it's holding; otherwise I'll change it before we ride on Sunday. Looking forward to watching the race on Sunday!

The Inquirer actually had a story on the race on page 8 of the sports section...a human interest story about local rider Stephan Kincaid

Meanwhile here are a couple of things to keep you entertained.

Thanks to Bicycle Designs blog for alerting us to this cool design:

And a "test" that's sweeping the bike blogosphere: ARE YOU A BIKE DOOSH? (My answers in BOLD?

Posted by Smithers

Doosh. It’s my new favorite word.

So let us see if you qualify for the specific category of bike doosh.

1) Do you race:No
a – road
b – cross
c – mtb
d – track

2) Do you have an “A” bike and a “B” bike?
a – no, just one bike
b – yesyes
c – both “A” bike and “B” bikes are carbon
d – with Campy Record

3) Do you use a cycling computer?
a – no
b – yes yes
c – Power Tap
d – Power Tap on your track bike

4) Do you carry a mobile phone with you when you ride?
a – no
b – yes yes
c – Smartphone
d – iPhone

5) Do you:No
a – match cycling socks to shoes
b – match shoes to jersey
c – match jersey to helmet
d – have multiple matching outfits, shoes and helmets

6) Is your handlebar tape:
a – black Yes
b – white
c – some other color
d – installed fresh each month

7) Do you:of my own making
a – follow a training plan
b – keep a training log
c – an online training log
d – and pay someone to review it

8) VO2 Max Test
a – never had one and never will
b – once
c – more than once
d – every year

9) Campy versus Shimano
a – who cares who does care
b – Shimano
c – Campy
d – SRAM

10) Helmet and sunglasses I buy on sale
a – you buy whatever from the team sponsor
b – Lazer and Tifosi
c – Bell and Rudy Project
d – Giro and Oakley

11) Do you:NA
a – ride your bike to the race
b – carpool with pals
c – drive alone in your Audi A6 sedan with the bike in the trunk
d – refuse to let Smithers use your lug nut tool at Sogn Valley last year (score 5 bonus dick head points!)

12) Triathlon
a – no thanks don't even think about it
b – once, never again
c – sometimes
d – live for them

13) On the training ride you:NA
a – are in there for a while but eventually get dropped
b – are in the group the whole ride feeling good
c – sit in and wait for the end of the hard stuff and then go to the front and ride hard
d – skip it because it is not hard enough for you

14) On the training ride you talk about:not exactly applicable, but I do talk bike stuff whenever I can and I'm becoming a bore
a – art, music, politics
b – girls/boys
c – the latest pro bike race on Vs.
d – last weeks training ride

15) The purpose of the training ride is to:
a – work on your weakness
b – develop fitness I'd like to think so
c – put the hurt on everyone else
d – show off your new bike

16) The racing season is:
a – too long
b – too short
c – not enough of the races you like to do
d – full of stupid races that you think suck even though you have never promoted a race This sounds right

17) Relationship
a – In one, it’s great We bike together
b – looking and hoping
c – just broke up, they didn’t understand your desire to train and race
d – no time, you have to train and race

18) When on a date you talk about:I'm married
a – your date
b – yourself
c – the latest pro bike race on Vs.
d – Campy versus Shimano

19) Your significant other comes to a race:NA
a – you drop out early to spend more time with them
b – try to make yourself look totally pro by being at the front
c – ignore them
d – castigate them for not handing up the correct bottle on the correct lap (score 5 more bonus dick head points!)

20) Following the race you:NA
a – leave the bike in the garage and spend time with the family
b – help make dinner and talk about the race
c – sort out all your bike crap until past midnight
d – go for a recovery ride

Bonus Question
21) Are you:
Smithers? If so subtract all points and score yourself an automatic total of zero. The ability to recognize bike dooshery eliminates any possibility of personal dooshness.

For every “a” score o points, for every “b” score 1 points, for every “c” score 5 points, for every “d’ score 10 points.

0 points: You are so totally not a bike doosh, you are the coolest MF that every walked the surface of the planet
1 – 20 points: You are not a bike doosh.
21 – 100 points: You mean well, there is hope, resist the temptation to join the dooshocracy
101 – 150 points: You are kind of a bike doosh, try harder el-doosh.
151 – 200 points: You are a total bike doosh, get a life bike doosh.

I only scored about 4 points.I'm definitely not a Bike Doosh. Is that good or bad?

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