Monday, June 18, 2007

The World Looks Better By Bike

A warm summer-feeling day in Philly. Annie and I rode 13 miles this morning and then I took my bike to work. Didn't have much to do in terms of travel today, but took my lunch break up by the University. Annie (in her car, coming from a meeting in New Jersey) met me at EMS where we both bought some new socks and then had lunch together. Having the bike, making the ride up there by bike after a morning wrestling with work, just cleared my head and soul in a way that nothing else generally does. It is worth it to just ride the mile or two to get around town just for that feeling. Of course, the additional riding gave me 16.8 miles on the day which is also good.

Nice group of pictures about last week's Philly Race courtesy of the Bobke Strut. Take a look.

Also notice a new book on my Amazon shopper's guide to the right:

While I still haven't had time for a comprehensive review of these books (or the magazines that I continue to collect) this one is incomparable. A truly wonderful memoir of an artist turned messenger turned bicycle advocate. It really isn't about the bike, but about the issues that riding a bike inevitably raise for any thoughtful person. I loved the book.

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