Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Car Is In The Shop: Hooray!

After our 13 mile loop this morning I put the Fuji on the bike rack and drove the car off for service and a state inspection. When I arrived at the dealership I took down the bike, stowed the rack back in the car, and took off for a lovely "commuter" ride from 49th and Chestnut back to work. The distance is about 4-5 miles give or take and it felt great riding through traffic again. Now I have the bike at work again and will probably use it for lunch etc. Living and working downtown doesn't allow me to pile up much mileage on these commutes, but I very much like the opportunity not to use the car for endless short trips. And, as I said yesterday, just getting on the bike, even for 10-15 minutes, is a great lift during the work day. I'll update the mileage count at the end of the day.

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