Thursday, June 21, 2007

If Today Had Only Been Yesterday

The weather this morning was cycling-perfect. Low humidity, cool temperatures but instead of being able to ride 30-60 miles I could only ride 13.3 miles and my cycling day is done. Too busy today to even take the bike to work and see if I could pick up a few more miles going from place to place. Just one of those days.

But zipping around the loop at a pretty good clip put me of a mind to remember that about this time last year I had not yet reached as far as the Falls Bridge. I don't think I'd made it as far as the US Grant statue yet. That would be a round trip mark of perhaps 8 miles. I probably hadn't even reached a round trip from the museum, a total of perhaps 4 miles. Now I'm finding a ride around the loop entirely unsatisfying as far as fitness and spirit go. If I can't ride twice around, which most days I can't, I really feel unsatisfied. Not unhappy, mind you; I still love my morning ride; just unsatisfied.

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