Wednesday, March 28, 2007

An Afternoon Ride

Today I had a rare opportunity to ride in the afternoon. I was on a train to NY at 7:20 AM and after conducting a seminar, back in Philly at 2 PM. After a quick lunch and change of clothes I headed out to the path in 65 degree weather. I certainly wasn't going to miss this day! I rod the loop twice and the Fuji gives me a much higher cadence and average speed so it felt like much more of a workout. The pleasures of riding in the daylight are obvious. the only drawback, especially on a beautiful day, was the increasing traffic on the path. Cyclists, pedestrians, joggers, dog walkers, roller blades and baby carriages. I had my camera with me but was having too much fun riding to stop and take any pictures.But it was a beautiful day so who could blame them, and it will get worse; it was actually pretty manageable and once you pass the early part of the path it thins out appreciably. The bike felt great, though it was the longest time of been out sitting on this particular saddle and I felt it. similarly, my new shoes hurt after about 18 miles as they are still breaking in. But all in all an amazingly restorative ride in the midst of a killer busy week. We'll ride in the morning again and then its back to NY for another event!

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