Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fuji's First Big Ride

Ah Wednesday with sun and moderate temperature. OK 30 degrees is not moderate in some places but it felt wonderful and with the sun it felt warmer anyway. I finally got to take the Fuji for a good ride and loved it. I certainly learned that a change of equipment does not a pro cyclist make. Despite the lighter weight I can't say that I tore through the ride; my average speed did go up one or two mph, but not enough to call miraculous. It was an easier ride for the most part and that allowed me to increase my cadence if not my speed. From an exercise point of view I think that is good.

I slept in a bit and got on the road a little after 9 AM. This allowed me to time my ride so that I'd arrive in Manayunk just about when Zoom, a local bike shop there, opened. Yous see, despite staying up until almost 1 AM, I couldn't get the new wireless cycle computer to work on the Fuji, plus I needed a new light, a flat kit (remember last week?)etc. So I had ridden about ten miles when I arrived and took a break there while they put the computer on, outfitted the bike with a bag and flat kit and a new light. Then I headed back into town for a meeting I couldn't avoid despite it being my day off. This gave me the opportunity to wear my new woolen bike knickers, a dress shirt over my regular riding shirts and therefore to appear generally acceptably dressed to go into the office. The clothes worked fine and I live the knickers. After the meeting I walked into town to do some errands and have a quick lunch and then picked up my bike at the office and started off on the second half of my day's ride. This time once around the full loop bringing my total for the day to 30 miles. I had my camera with me and took a shot of the bike shop, but somehow messed it up and then wanted a shot of me in my "dress kit" when the camera ran out of batteries for a change. I've got to be more careful about that. Next time.

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