Thursday, March 15, 2007

How Embarrassing

So I returned from Arizona primed to get up early this morning and get out on the Fuji. Last night around midnight, which was only 9 P.M. for me as I was still on West Coast time, I replaced the rear wheel that Annie had taken in to have the flat fixed, got the gears back in place but could not manage to re-attach the clip that holds the brakes together! I worked on it for an hour and obviously there is a trick to it that I didn't pick up on. I finally realized that I just wasn't going to get it, and despite the fact that this made me feel like a real moron, I simply determined that today would be a ride on the trusty old Trek. As the Trek had just been tuned I wanted a chance to take it out anyway. I thought I could get up at my normal time and ride for a couple of hours as my first class today had been cancelled. But the time change took its toll and I awoke with just enough time for a pretty normal morning ride, except that I was able to do the whole loop, both sides of the river and, because there were trains on the tracks, to take the ramp up to Chestnut street and go home via the roadways, all in all adding a bit of distance and giving me a very pleasant ride of 15 miles. I sure didn't want to miss this taste of Spring Philadelphia continued to have, most of which I'd missed by being in Phoenix (who's complaining.)

But the forecast is for heavy rains and much colder temps tomorrow ending with a couple of more inches of snow. So riding again will be iffy until at least Sunday if not beyond. Meanwhile I will get someone to help me secure my wheel and will be ready to take the Fuji out without incident, which has so far not been possible.

If I don't ride tomorrow, or even if I do and have enough time, I'll report on some new podcasts as well as some cycling novels I managed to finish while away from home.

Below is a picture that I lifted from somebody's blog; forgive me that I don't remember now whose, but it was months ago. Either Bike Biz or Commute by Bike, reporting on someone's attempt to combine their passion for cycling with their passion for golf. I think it is a great idea and sure beats tooling around in a golf cart. I thought of it because the hotel I just stayed at was built on a golf course and had I know that I might have brought my clubs.

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