Monday, March 19, 2007

Better Than Nothing

I was determined to get out this morning and the clear skies and 26 degree temperature was most enticing. Unfortunately, not much melting had occurred yesterday, though it should be a bit warmer today followed by rain tonight so perhaps tomorrow will be almost back to normal. Today, however, was rough. Many patches of uneven snow, ice and frozen slush. I had to walk the bike over mounds at some points and finally gave up after about 4 3/4 miles and turned around crediting my monthly toll with another 9.5 miles. Better than nothing, but at the rate I had to ride (sloooow)I'm not sure I should count it. I suppose there's always points for effort.

I watched the week's cycling show on VS last night and saw both the recap of the stages of Paris-Nice and the final stage "live"(though I already knew that Contador won.) It was good to see cycling back on TV and VS should be commended. I only wish there wee fewer breaks. Discovery looked unbeatable which I'm sure bodes well for Basso winning the Tour De France.

I finally broke down and began reading Lance Armstrong's "It's Not About The Bike." I'm really hooked on it. More about books (as I keep saying) as soon as I get it together.

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