Friday, March 09, 2007

A Last Ride in Philly...A First Flat!

While I couldn't ride this morning as expected, the weather was getting warmer all day and by this afternoon Annie and I had cleared some time to take a ride. She took her navigator and I the Fuji and off we went. When we reached the path we switched bikes so that she could see how she liked the Fuji and how the 17" frame worked for her. She loved the bike, wasn't sure about the frame, and will go test the 15" Fuji this week at the Bike store. We switched bikes and continued on to the bridge. Just as we got there I felt a very funny sensation beneath me and realized quickly enough that my rear tire had gone flat. Of course, since the bike is new and I was so excited to ride it, I hadn't yet attached a flat kit, had no tube. Annie had her pump and we tried that in case we could get it to fill up, even temporarily, but it didn't work. So I rode Annie's bike home to pick up the car and go back and pick her and the bike up. Monday she will take the tire in to be fixed while she tests her bike. I'll be riding happily in the 80 degree whether in Scottsdale.

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