Friday, March 30, 2007

Another Wonderful Ride and the March Totals

Here's an image from Cycle History that I thought you might enjoy. How'd you like to ride around on this rig? Do check out this wonderful journal if you're a real cycling nerd.

I arrived home from NY at 11:30 last night and therefore delayed my rising and riding this morning. Annie and I went out at 7 AM with the temperature in the low 40's. We decided to do the reverse loop in order to cope with the sun strength and it was great. Funny how changing direction changed the ride. We were able to ride a little bit longer and did 13.2 miles.

This closes out my mileage totals for the month of March since I will not be riding tomorrow on the Sabbath. As indicated in the list on the right side of the blog March came in at 310 miles. Since my goal is to ride at least 4000 miles this year, I consider this a very satisfactory total for a month that was still bedeviled by a bit of winter. Since my January total was above the average of 330 miles that I will need to maintain and the March total was not much below, only the shrunken total from February will have to be made up for. That should not be a problem over the summer months. In fact, upon doing the math, the present total averages to 329.2. So I'm only off the necessary monthly average by a mere 4 miles!

I hope to ride again on Sunday and Monday to usher in April and to blog about it. Then there will be some spotty days of silence over the Passover holiday.

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