Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What A Difference Fourteen Miles Makes

There was still plenty of slushy ice on some streets but armed with a new edition of the Fredcast I took off at 5:30 AM in wonderful 50 degree temperature. The path was wet, messy but blissfully clear and I rode fast and hard (for me.)The full 14 miles (in part because I had time to ride a little further than normal and in part because I had to go around the long way because of a train parked at the path-entry) completely restored my energy and good mood that had been severely threatened by the lack of riding over the last few days. I don't know what I'll do next year if we have a real winter! But for now, Spring is here, and despite predictions of lingering cold weather, snow and ice storms seem unlikely (famous last words!)

Today was Annie's birthday. I gave her an Ipod Nano and a set of speakers and an arm/waist band so she can wear it on our rides. She was pleased. Then, later in the day we drove to Bustleton Bikes and she test rode her Fuji Absolute in two sizes (about 6 times on each bike for over an hour of riding.) She made her decision (15 inch frame) and we went home; too late for another ride. I'll ride tomorrow and if the weather holds and everything else is equal, we'll go out together with our new bikes on Thursday.

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