Friday, March 16, 2007

Wet and Wonderful

Thirty-eight degrees and raining lightly when I set out on the Trek. Despite a pretty hefty head wind I did my 12.5 miles in little over an hour. It was a surprisingly pleasant ride, partly because there was almost no one out. I didn't pass a single bike and no more than two or three joggers. That will be a rare occurrence as the weather improves. Already yesterday I had the feeling that things were beginning to thicken up: more traffic, more people out who don't understand the rules of the road. It will only get worse. On the other hand, this was my first regular early ride here in Philly since the clock changed. I'd forgotten how dark it was going to be and wasn't used to it. Last week I was pretty much starting just as it got light, today I was home before that point. Ah well, it will improve steadily.
I listened to a new podcast as I rode: Bike Tourist Podcast. It didn't instantly become one of my favorites like The Fredcast or The Spokesmen, but the host, whose name I believe was Gabriel, was interviewing a couple biking around the world. It was pretty interesting at times, but got a little monotonous. More about other podcasts and books as soon as I can get it together.But along those lines, I checked out the League of American Bicyclists webpage and found that they now feature a videocast "The League of American Bicyclists show." The show I watched seemed to check out half way through no matter how often I tried it, though it was well done and interesting until that point. I was interested in the report on the National Bike Summit, but I couldn't get to it. Perhaps you'll have more success. Check it out

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