Monday, March 12, 2007

Another Ride Today

So here is today's second post and second batch of pictures. I rode for about another hour and this time actually found the bike path that the hotel clerk had suggested. Not that there was anything wrong with circling around the golf course and no one seemed to mind, but it was getting a bit boring as I came around for the fourth time this evening when I noticed that the sign for the bike path went in a different direction! So I followed it and it was a great path through more desolate surroundings and merged with a path that went off the golf course/hotel ground and eventually came to an end on a city bike lane in traffic. It was getting pretty dark when I got there and I didn't bring a light with me, so I'll explore further afield tomorrow. did pas a coyote this evening but didn't have my camera, not that he would have still been there if I'd stopped to get the camera out and tried to take the shot.

You may have noticed that I've added Velo News to my favorite blog list. It is a great site for keeping up with the bicycle racing scene day to day. If you haven't been following today was the second day of the Paris-Nice classic and though David Millar is still leading, Levi Leipheimer of Discovery, the team I've decided to root for (along with Toyota-United on the domestic side, co-sponsored by Fuji, my new love)is in 6th place but only 3 seconds behind. In fact the top ten riders are only separated by 10 seconds, but it is early in the race. Anyway, you can follow on Velo News and watch weekly wrap ups Sunday night on the VS Television channel.

I want to end with a shout out to a reader named Shayne. Shayne, whoever you are, the last comment you left, I think on Friday's post was inadvertently rejected rather than published. Sorry. Shayne asked what gives with married people always trying to buy matching bikes? Well, that's just not true. In fact it would be easier if Annie and I had different bikes, easier to tell them apart etc. But we've shopped together for months, tried out bikes together for months, and agree that the bike we found, in this case the Fuji, fits exactly what we were looking for. I wish they at least came in different colors, but they don't. Anyway, thanks for reading and for leaving comments. Anyone else reading who wants to leave a comment is really encouraged to do so.

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