Thursday, March 08, 2007

Another Book, Another Movie

An extra post today to catch up with my extra-bicycle activities: I watched an even better movie about the New York Messenger scene than "Pedals." It is called "Red Light Go" and is really quite similar to "Pedals" in concept, but for some reason is more interesting, better paced, with more interesting characters and interviews. I happened across it on Amazon and I don't know why all the podcasters and bloggers I read have only mentioned "Pedals," but given a choice I really think this one is the one to choose (assuming that one does not need two.) Granted, this one doesn't come with an accompanying photo album as part of the package so that might make a bit of a difference to someone.

And I finished Time Krabbe's "The Race." Incredibly well done! Really takes you into the mind of the man on a bike in a classic-style European road race. All the strategy and passion. I was breathless at times as the protagonist climbed the hills or sped down the descents. Highly recommended.

Tomorrow morning I must take my car in for a check-up and therefore sacrifice my ride. I may ride later in the day, but it is still very cold and becoming more windy and, truth be told, the thought of putting on all the layers of clothing when on Sunday I'll be riding in Arizona and I fully expect to come home to warmer weather and the advent of Spring...I may just skip it. And even if I don't it is likely that I won't have time to blog about it, so I expect you'll hear from me again on Sunday from Arizona unless I have some unexpected problem getting on to the Internet.

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