Friday, March 23, 2007

Nice image, perfect sentiment for a perfect morning's ride. The usual 12.1 miles. A much different ride, a much more aerobic ride. I stole the above from 32 spokes blog, and if I stole it from somewhere else I apologise. Check out 32 spokes anyway: Here
The temperature this morning was 58 degrees and we were out only in our riding shorts and long sleeve jerseys. How great was that?!I also listened to a new podcast on this morning's ride: The KBOO Bike Show, which I downloaded from ITunes. KBOO is a Portland Oregon radio station but the show has interesting features. Today a discussion of biking in Japan as well as an interview with a woman frame maker who specializes in frames for woman, as well as a feature on woman in bicycling history. The show was dated from Woman's History Month.Take a listen

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