Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's Warming Up

Today's ride began with the temperature over 50 degrees at 5:30 AM. And it only got better. So much so that after getting in our 12.1 miles and cleaning up for work, I put on my fancy new bike knickers along with my shirt and tie and rode to work (only .1 mile) so that I could ride to my first meeting of the day in town. All in all this allowed me to increase today's total to 14.8 miles. After that first meeting I had to put the bike away and turn to my car for meetings further afield. But I really loved flitting around town on the Fuji. It is so much easier to maneuver than than either of the other bikes I've tried to use around town. Plus, I've become a much more confidant rider. So a good cycling morning. Tomorrow I'm off to NY to early to ride, but have planned to return (via train) early enough to still have plenty of light left for a goodly Wednesday ride.

I forgot to mention yesterday that in addition to the cycling podcasts that I've subscribed to and listen to on my rides, I've expanded the field. I downloaded the NY Times book review podcast and listened to that yesterday for a change of pace. There is really quite a world of podcasting out there and you should get into it.

Picked up volume 1 issue 1 of a new magazine Road Bike Action. I'll report on it when I have a chance, along with other mags that I've either tested out or have already decided to subscribe to.

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