Thursday, March 29, 2007

Longer Ride, Shorter Post

As predicted, I am really pressed for time this week and the fact that I've been able to get my rides in is great; the fact that my posts have been so perfunctory is the price. I hope next week to be able to get to some other stuff. But, for today: I rode out at 5:45 in 39 degree weather. Clear and crisp and wonderful. Annie didn't come so I was able to really try to keep the pace up and succeeded in raising my average speed by at least 2 mph. Now, remember, I have to slow down a lot getting to the trail and back at red lights and such, so the real average on the tral is somewhat higher. Be that as it may, I was back tot he entry way at 6:30 as opposed to more like 6:50 and therefore started back around. I went back up the hill and turned back again toward the entry from the fountain behind the Museum, thus giving me a morning ride of 14.9 miles instead of 12.1. That's a pretty good increase while getting me home at exactly 7 AM, my normal time. Assuming I can do that regularly, (we'll see how it impacts riding with Annie) and, in fact increase the pace, my mileage should really increase. Now its back to the train!

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